Feelings of people


are simply complicated at most oh also complexly simple
a harsh “no”, an adamant “no” sometimes the same
sometimes you are either meant to know or scrapbooking
these little leaflets of greens, blues, ivy greens, browns, oranges,
reds and other things and mush them up  to form little coloured
sprays on a poster pound sheet.

then of course there is abandonment for the feeling of abandonment
pushed and cracked and crevice linked and rupturing an immodest spleen; why is people ignore you to death? Do they believe their ignominy is the sovereign last mark, last seal, last virus blob on to the cotton exclusion that is your body ? Why not cotton candy the soul
and wire it with remembrances? I am not disposable as dust for even dust kisses the moon’s anatomy.

Now you wag your evil intent that even makes dogs upset
and cats feel ashamed of their cleaning and I am trying to grapple you in some mental chart are we taught algebraic entices and calculaic systems to dot some matrix of people’s hearts; or is it sometimes just brainwork like a pitcher plant gaudily florid attempting to get some heavy bee land on it? I never said I knew the geography of the feelings of another — it’s atlas needs constant updating and like geoprag-pulse they don’t always wait for desperate humans when they begin hurricanes and Tsunamis and I am meagre in the size of cataclysms. I am upset am afraid…let me have some tea.▬

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