Native American Corner (01/17/14)

Some cool stuff

Daily Happenings from poetsareangels

1. Parents of Shoni and Jude Schimmel Speaking in Muscogee Creek Nation

Courtesy Muscogee Creek Nation
CeCi and Rick Schimmel, parents of the Schimmel sisters will make a guest appearance in Muscogee Creek Nation

2. Thousands Sign Petition Asking Iowa Gov. to Help Abused Sioux Twins

Courtesy Audre’y Eby
Audre’y Eby’s sons going to a doctors appointment with their friend, Manape LaMere, on Winnebago Reservation, November 27, 2013.

3. Councilwoman Lyndale George: NMAI’s Meet Native America Series

Lyndale George, member of the Skidegate Band Council, Haida Gwaii.

4. Racial Discrimination Can Kill You, and Make You Old Fast

Youngsters leave a basketball court in Harlem.

6. ‘Got Land?’ Hoodie Orders Flood in After School Controversy

CBC News
Winnipeg resident Jeff Menard, of Pine Creek First Nation in Manitoba, Canada, sells ‘Got Land?’ t-shirts, hoodies and bibs. Orders have been pouring in since eighth-grade First Nation student Tenelle Starr was…

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