To eat or not to eat —- where is the ?

I am fat. There. I said it. What else can I do? ——- traditionally, and technically; you will tell me to watch my calories and exercise but is that it? —- because, that would be traditionally and technically that would be kind of boring.

Why do I binge eat?

There is a solution to the problem. But why do I have it? But you can’t evaluate it by your standards and only one methodology — any symptom can be more than one disease.

I eat. Because in eating I made my delusional self believe that I am giving weight to my existence. I have this condition. Not so neurotic psychological but I think  it is boredom being a devil’s worksjop.

I am tired of over eating. I do not want to eats so much like this. I am becoming severely overweight as in “bad fat” you should not be so fat that you are so disease prone nor so thin that the same reaction happens in  a different form.

I do not want to fetishised as a potential for a chubby chaser nor do I want a love to only love me for my “good thin” figure which is now in fashion. I am not saying people cannot have types of people they cannot like. Of course they can but you know some people only love you for some traits and then stop loving you if you are having problems with those traits. Or love you after they consume enough only those traits. And cannot love you beyond that. That sounds more like a fetishism than love to me. I am no love expert but loving someone means understanding them and being able to be understood and not only focused on reaping and sowing in superficially scant terms.  If you love a woman  only for her breasts or a guy only for his breasts (good chest span) it may not always stay the same or you might not love them after a while. For you were treating them only as boobs. (You get the idea)

I cannot consume singularly either on just one part.

But I do want to healthy. I want to be able to feel energetic and not bulky and tired. But I know I eat because I feel without eating I cannot have a regular life and time: I am very incorrect. I need to shape my life with more fun and work to be able to get out of the feeding frenzy.

Yes, exercise is relevant to keep your body functioning well. It oils the joints and helps filter the blood and firm the muscles.

I hope, By Allah Almighty, I get over this 🙂

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