soul study

there is no “proper methodology” of studying the soul
as in to know it like a slab of meat waiting to be devoured
some people prefer labels as corsets to bras or boxers to briefs
you can’t say which is really right because preference is usually
a mountain in formation and makes Maslow’s pyramid look like a poor kitsch imitation of life —- but we cannot subtract the soul
which we have learned to do

even if one is not religious or is religious a soul must looked at all angles all dimensions and even the 9th can count —– a secularist
may say soul is just bits stuck to the meat of us or another secularist
may say soul is a nebula before actually blastocyst and it is from there
the ideology of self starts from; all religions do not look at the soul the same way but all agree on an incarnation or a continuation; transmigration is not all foreign to the functions of a being —

—- postmodernism is at its heart a soul specialist too; it may not give credits to “depths” as in it does desire to be a pretentious quip but rawness of surface energy can only be radiant with a soul; does the moon not light up as a surface and need an energy to do so?  — a corpse is also a surface area reduced and dismantled so a soul for a surface is needed —- puncture the skin the heart bleeds with the fibres of nerves feeling the twinge and those who lack pain still know a heart is bleeding with the skin.  Postmodernists with their intertextual tongues carry more depths than rhizomes but maybe not into binaries of highs and lows like modernist weedy theories.

and what is the soul’s state now? In me? I have yet to study it but I am drinking tea and my soul is like a dew drop on a honey comb._—-

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