Month: March 2014

why rail against standardized answers…

Originally posted on Etches of Ink and Light:
Until we challenge, verify, re-appropriate, critically analyse propositions, invent an inter-personal way to explain, discover something left unspoken in the silence of words, create a possibility where there was none, we can only be convinced that…

Asking for a Re-Blog

Mister Misery

Originally posted on teddylee's blog:
It wasn’t all bad all the time growing up with these men, there were moments with them that meant everything to me… the moments where certain things are said or certain things are done that had appeared to…

Life in 6 Songs: Vol. 3 (Aussa and Nicole Marie)

Originally posted on Running on Sober:
In six songs, tell us about your life.  You remember that challenge from last week, don’t you? If not, stop by and take a look, or I’ll quickly catch you up below: “Life in 6 Songs” is a…

open wounds

  there seems to be a censorship of the heart where empathy is forbidden to swoon but pity and misery are in activity there are no tags on them free agents apple of the wormed eye touching your cheek you gasp forbidden; for friends…

wrong bodies

  the way you curve into a sign your breasts the non-lactate male and the aureoles; not fattening but toned allures me and I find female breasts too out there comparatively to yours it’s not because I am female I see your calves and…

confuse crowd

  feeling the hardening tableau of disappointment of annoyance — failure — rejection — that a cocktail of curiosity and kindness produces; in the spine of intimacy sinovial fluid tripped on some disks and blurted out buttery mucousum ad nauseam and the heady feeling…

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