Marriage Dominators

So many women and men like that that like being domineering. No one liked Stanley from “A Streetcar named Desire” hell even Tennessee Williams said that Stanley gets horrendously ugly and stupid but and Stella also gets ruined but only Blanche Dubois, in her own way, survives this decimation and degradation of character.

In the end a domineering person only kills themselves, not others.

teddylee's blog

i have seen so many different aspects to what love holds … it brings light to peoples life but for some love is completely dark… at some point in that quest for love some believe to make that love “official” they do what most consider the greatest accomplishment of their life and get married…

That wedding ring states the person is married, but i have wondered what does that marriage license do? does it make it official? Does it just prove that you are married? Does it Mean That you now legally own your spouse?

There is a respect factor that takes place towards marriages, but isn’t their a respect factor in the marriage? i imagine their is certain things that come to an end when you get married as you let go of being single and transition into being married, i am completely aware their is no perfect relationship…

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