twisting scriptures

I think this is an important post. The way a religion is exposed to you can also be manipulated; I am happy that Teddy Lee understood this and that he retained what he wanted but subtracted that manipulation but many people cannot do that. We blame religion, laws or secularism or other religions but it may that people are misusing them crafting them into their own picnic basket while putting us through a desert like famine. If you are religious or spiritual or even an atheist (consider this) know that God does understand you and that people who hurt you and abuse you are not gonna be people talking for you and God won’t listen to them. Just like a person you really love and loves you you know, especially if you believe, that God knows you and loves you the best. So don’t let manipulative interpretations judge for you learn and read by yourself because that is your duty towards you.

Speak yer mind

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