Writing, and a small blimp


I haven’t written anything in a long time. I started some longer projects though I have not really writurned to them (not abandoned). I don’t know if I am a good writer. But I have always had a writing affinity. Even in my mind I write things and I imagine things all the time. It is just me in that manner.  Yet I have in some ways lost some things for my writing too — when I say lost I mean also in a good way.

My writing has become a good way to identify who my real friends are.  My writing has been a reason two of my “pretend pals” are no longer around and how one I don’t interact with one much anymore. You see my writing may be a part of me that not everyone will understand or get and I respect that. If you say it is terrible I will respect that too, wholeheartedly. But what I won’t at all respect is when you dis it, are indifferent and/or bored by it without actually trying to understand it and then blatantly insult me about it. You can’t understand it well that is not entirely my fault, why? It just isn’t — if you have the endurance to read Twilight and even Percy Jackson or other YA then know this — you are not being fair to my writing!

Of course it is going to suck like some wasted carcass but you must read it properly to tell me that. I know I am no Ismat Chugtai, Ernest Hemingway, Ngungi Wa’Thiong’o or even a Shaheen Akhter but telling me my words are all prance, hollow and have no meaning clearly shows that you haven’t tried reading it properly and that you didn’t use your brains to think twice before saying that to me. Also, when you first liked my work and don’t like it now it also means that, if it hadn’t changed a lot, that you are unwilling to read them — so, just say so. I won’t cry if you leave reading my work because that is your choice and it was honest. Telling me to cut out important parts of my short story just showed how un-intrinsic you were when reading it, no its not adverbs or grammar but telling to cut out a pivotal conversations and that they are meaningless just shows you do not read it. Because I can crop it but cut it out when it substantiates the entire piece is like telling an anatomist to not consider the heart or the liver or the thyroid when making diagrams as they are not needed.

Also, when I write emotional things younger or older I hate it when people who don’t know me well say I am Emo and that a class or grade 3 or 4 person can write it better. They probably can but they are not me. And I haven’t seen you write when your ass depended on it so don’t pass careless and stupid judgments like that.

I am ready for the most savage of criticisms but by people who read my work and don’t want to change my style just for their aesthetical preference. That’s demeaning and also shows how narrowly read you are and how narrow minded you can be at times. Yes, I am sounding a bit crude now but I am quite fed up with people only sparsely judging me and thinking they have like an A to Z dictionary of me lined up. I try my best not to do that to you. Don’t do it to me.


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