Woman Files Sexual Harassment Complaint, Is Suspended From Work For Five Days

It seems in this case that one person has to be punished more than the other though if the actions if one is more aggressive than the other. The man reveals his penis and rubs it on a woman but then also washes his hands and wipes them on her back until dry. The last detail obviously shows a high degree of perversion for if I did that rub myself up on a man and then wipe myself off on him; regardless of my gender or sex that man might punch me and him punching me would get accolades of self-defense and post-inquiries would still make me look “heroic” in the eyes of my colleagues. My manhood needs preservation the same way a woman’s womanhood needs perservation. Even if I had not punched him for assaulting me with her or his privates should I suspended for complaining? Even if I provoked the person to anger should not that person yell back at me or ask me to step outside to settle this with him or her rather than casually showing off my genitalia and saying that because that person said they will punch it I will just flaunt it and also press it against another’s body to show my anger. That is lewd. Really lewd; makes no sense really.

The Belle Jar

Trigger warning for talk of sexual assault

If a woman is sexually harassed or assaulted in the workplace, then she must have done something to cause it.

At least, that’s the message being put forth by the Toronto’s parks and recreation department, where late last month a woman was suspended from work for five days after accusing a male co-worker of unzipping his pants and rubbing his penis against her in the lunchroom.

Susan Rose was responding to a comment made by her colleague John Maynard with, “I will punch you in the dick.” Maynard then became, in her words, “aggressive,” saying, “Do you want to punch me in the dick?” while unzipping his pants and walking towards her. Rose turned away from him and grabbed onto another colleague’s arm, but felt Maynard pressing his body up against hers. She then heard a third colleague tell Maynard to wash his…

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