How to Treat Women to Get Laid

I think in truth we are in a didactic display show that Ted Mosby is better than Barny Stinton because his heart and ambitions are always in the right place in coordination with himself; he is not afraid to pursue things and the women that he loves. But Barney is actually still a kid in this respect because he someone thinks girls and women still has cooties thus his approach is almost like an action hero’s monologue before going into Defcon 4 operation. Barney is afraid of many things; he avoids many things even with his friends but then he falls in love but its difficult for him to understand how he can be with this person. In the end Barney gets laid all the time but he’s always feeling isolated and lonely but Ted seems pretty mentally and physically well-off despite his numerous heartbreaks.

Queer Guess Code


This meme is the perfect example of the marriage between media representations and real life. It’s a chicken and the egg problem: which came first? You might assume that real life came first. You think that media and movies only put what’s already happening in the spotlight. But is that really true?

Memes like this simplify and perpetuate characterizations of masculinity as models for real life behavior. By simplifying behavior and drawing conclusions based on subjective correlations, this meme communicates to men that there is a double standard that does not necessarily exist: men have to treat women well, but if they want to have sex, they have to treat women like shit. Is that really true? No, not really. It is a generalization of one person’s interpretation. But because this meme gives recognizable evidence, the correlation appears to be causation and it reinforces this false belief in our subconscious…

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