One wonders what is that first instant when one began to wonder…

One of the best pieces written by this writer 😀 as a person who has reading his work since 2007 I can detect that he wrote this with a passion; like a warm candle on a warm night ambiance shuddering with a feeling of both coldness and heat 🙂

Etches of Ink and Light

Could anyone possibly ever “conclude” such a cartesian adventure? Especially, given, when I re-member memories, I remember them in a way as if I were sharing a rumour I heard somewhere, a rumour I don’t completely believe myself.

But, suppose we were to indulge in one such rumour. Suppose this rumour was about the origin of my wondering. This rumour would relate how fire fascinated me. How I, a young boy, would tiptoe to the kitchen and experiment with fire on the burner. I would hold, among other things, my fingers over fire, and sometimes, only a few times, poke the flames with my fingers. And I would wonder what it means to relate to fire in this manner. Without my fingers poking the flames, the flames would go on dancing. Without the flames touching my skin, my skin would painlessly maintain its colour. But in bringing them together, they…

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