wrong bodies


the way you curve into a sign
your breasts the non-lactate male
and the aureoles; not fattening but toned
allures me and I find female breasts too out there
comparatively to yours

it’s not because I am female I see your calves and I think
no woman can beat that; your beating heart clasped in my sphere of acknowledgement
but you are flawlessly flawed
your hair too long
lips non=full
scrappy cuts and tresses
and you are muscular but semi-thin
at times your belly fattens and your shoulders droop

you feel bored; look bored and I approach hoping to catch your eye
but I am this odd girl; overweight and clumsy
non-makeuped, non-upgraded
I dont keep perfect posture

we look; I sigh
your girlfriend comes around in an appropriate body
but you look at me
we then disengage

we are criminals for looking at post surfaces and surface unsmooth.▬

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