Month: May 2014

the carousal that is chaotically on — choosing blog themes

I think people have noticed. I change my blog theme. A LOT. Dangerous close to an instability. It’s because I like themes like the retired Vigilance; where writing is a focus but the graphics are crisp and tactile even if one has the minimalist…

censorship boaerd

  sometimes my heart feels broken by the avoidance of the cracks of perfection but by my constant tutoring and coerced adhesion to a smoothness that is deemed, fit and proper… shrouded and glared by an apotheosis of tears rather than an apotheosis of…

I begin a PhD on Spinoza

Originally posted on JD Taylor:
I am very happy to announce that I will be commencing a full-time PhD from January 2013 at Roehampton University, London, on the role of desire in Spinoza’s philosophy. This is a fully-funded studentship with all fees paid, at…

misconstrued weakness

Originally posted on teddylee's blog:
Growing up i didn’t think i was tough, i didn’t know what tough even meant as kid.. if there was a chance i might have thought i was tough or strong it was shut down by always being…

Crossing a 100 followers :D

  When I started this blog at around 2007/08 I did so because I was experimenting with blog types. During that time the most popular blog services included My Space and Blogspot/Blogger and were considered to be efficient. Actually, this was true. WordPress was a minimal…

a look at construction

  sometimes, I think people think that I am pretender, — pretentious, vacuous and pretty adjoined to the denotations of “high culture” and abstracted, precluded from the the “low culture” — cultural lows and highs are obviously constructed as the plant life fertilization; what…

Another me

Thoughts and the white rabbit are quite synonymous (hmmm, maybe I will write on it) this guys inspired me to write on this 🙂 but enjoy this beautiful mind slice 😀

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