a definition of Other


there is an exactitude in an Other
we Other because it is too easy
no Othering is not difference of individuals
it is the non-individual who will Othered

poverty, impoverished and poorness are a group
they are not beings that breathe and swallow like us
they are not eligible for cake and butter; their rice and bread
are made of cheapness like the atoms of their bones are molecular flawed

that is an Other alright

the rich, wealthy, impunity on their cheeks
are Othered as they do not impeach sobriety
their glossy bodies and chapsticked lips are all but blue blood
they stand noble on stilted anatomies on the marshes of the masses
navigating with gold and a crisp plastic that is too good not to swallow
we seethe blood and they do not boil in our jealous oils; in our trans-fat
the botox breed are seldom chastised nor culpable to sensitivities of the public
that is why it is hard to imagine them sedated in front of a television pouring out
bottles and bottles or just quietly mush as a hush from the society that is supposed to be
large but a dot — because they are Other

in many cases the Other is a perfect chimera
it is extremes but also fused
sub-human, humanoid only in looks, but behave something else
even a powerful is made to be sufficient than a group for the Other

the beggar has no names; just alms
and the celebrity has only names; no limbs
and the common transporter is a no-face
only the stray cat or dog is acknowledged to some potential

how carnivorous is this Other that treats obscurity as identity
and identity as a obscure trait that is defined by tags upon tags
like a many headed Cerberus of hell.▬

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