Marina Abramović: A Performing Artist

People are animals; more beastly than the creatures we term as animals. or beastly and this proves it. This is so horrific and cruel I want to cry. Not because she was a woman. I am also afraid to think what would happen if this was a man.

Humans Are Weird

DISCLAIMER: All of this information has come from Wikipedia and an interview with Lady Gaga that I found on YouTube. My knowledge on this article is narrow. But it is one I wanted to share, because I think it speaks volumes.

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Her name is Marina Abramović.

She’s 66 years old. She’s from Serbia and based in NY. And she’s a performing artist.

For the of you who don’t know what performance art is, it’s essentially any form of art that is done in the presence of a live audience – that’s a broad definition, but performance art has taken on a broad role, so it fits.

The particular story that I want to relay through this post is this.

The piece:

“Rhythm 0, 1974”

The idea, loosely explained, was to test the limits binding the performer and the audience to their furthest degree. She did this by assigning…

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