25 People Reveal Their Biggest #FirstWorldProblem

HAhahahaahahaha; I am not First World XD

Thought Catalog

Articles that feature the infamous #firstworldproblem seem to circulate the Internet every other week. But hey, a problem is still a problem — we all know that the struggle is real and we’re constantly facing new problems that we may or may not come back from every day. Let’s face it, sometimes you just can’t even.

1. Amanda, 24

I can’t tell the difference between my cucumbers and my zucchini.

2. Meredith, 22

My house is so long that we had to get two wifi routers, one for each side.

3. Matt, 28

When OnDemand doesn’t upload my show fast enough if I missed it the night before.

4. Sam, 28

I can’t buy clothes online because different brands fit me differently so I have to actually drive to the store and try them on.

5. Justin, 30

I hate it when I wear suede shoes and then it starts raining.

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