A Bro’s Guide To Being A Pick-Up Artist

It’s nice to see a grown up mature guy.

Thought Catalog


1. Think Before You Speak.

I know it seems simple! I mean it literally seems almost impossible to do one without the other. Surely your brain has to think of the words before you blurt out “NICE LEGS” to a complete fucking stranger in passing, so mission accomplished. You thought about it, she has nice legs, you’ve made up your mind and it is getting blurted! But picture this: Imagine you are walking with your mom when a pretty girl passes you.

Now here you are walking with your dear mom at your side, do you still feel comfortable shouting at a complete stranger? I am certain a small number of you answered YES and I think even you realized at an early age that your relationship with your mother was indicative of your future relationships with women (you know, the one that involves you being told ‘no’ a…

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