Give Your Body What It Needs, Not What It Wants

Interesting and true to may extents. Don’t deprive but don’t also over inundate

Thought Catalog

“You should give your body what it wants” – Said no one ever to a drug addict.

I find it peculiar that society has a completely different stance when it comes to food. The majority of people have this preconception that if your body craves it, then it’s perfectly acceptable to give it what it wants. Food affects the body in exactly the same way as drugs; you still activate reward pathways and your opiates are stimulated too. The only difference between food and drugs is that drugs are much more damaging once you get past the ‘high’.

There’s a reason why people are addicted to these things, besides the fact we are creatures of habit ; your body is a sensation whore, and will desire any sort of stimuli that it comes into contact with. Food companies are well aware of this and they love to capitalise on it…

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