Month: July 2014

The New Tomb Raider Saved This Teenager’s Life

  It’s pretty cool how a game can inspire at times 😀   The New Tomb Raider Saved This Teenager’s Life.

We Asked One Woman (Me) Why Birth Control Is Great And Here Was Her Answer

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:
So today Buzzfeed published a post with the title “We Asked 24 Women Why They Don’t Use Birth Control And These Are Their Answers.” And like, first off, where do they find these women? Are they living under…

for the shores of life, against principles of death

Originally posted on Etches of Ink and Light:
Excerpt from Schwartz’ article Yishai Schwartz, in a recent New Republic article, gives us a case study of “moral accounting” conducted in the voice of the father. Scwartz justifies Israel’s assault by proposing that “ceasefires have been…

‘I Do Not Wish For You To See Gaza As Anything But a Rose’

Originally posted on Arabic Literature (in English):
Gaza-based writer Hedaya Shamun writes — although her writing rituals have disappeared — about the world she sees around her in the first and second nights of “Operation Protective Edge.” Translation by Ghada Mourad and Tyson Patros: By Hedaya…

what tears suffice?

  my bones are a broken chalice and you feed me your suggestions unwiring myself; ribs tattered amnd torn and you put my discs on the jukebox of your paltry and dry hash that you shelled with the meaty remains of yourself and made…

The gender and racial makeovers of Thor and Captain America rustle jimmies at The Spearhead and Chateau Heartiste

Originally posted on we hunted the mammoth:
Captain America and the guy who’ll be taking over his job So it turns out that Red Pill Redditors aren’t the only ones in a tizzy about Marvel comics’ plan to replace Thor (the superhero, not the…

Under the Skin

Originally posted on Jonas David:
I watched this slow-burning, surreal sci-fi movie a few days ago, and it’s still rattling around in my head. Especially the soundtrack. Scarlet Johansson plays some kind of alien in human form who seduces men, leading them to their…

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