dreaming of


there was once the feeling of a dream
into the cracks and smoothness of the moon
no pirate adjective could murder it with its
wolf cries of lunacy; there were the days that
I knew that Allah was with me close more
changeling than my shadow and obviously
more superior than the throne and the crowns

Golden Grass ~ Namibia

no I did not dream or see a thorn ring rather
I saw the flower and star of the halo erupting
from head, finger and chest with wide expanses
of wings that made me run and not float in the
concoction of aether void that mangles the place
I belong in. I saw the snakes pass away and the
chalice wrecked find the other path to make
waterways that rival cenotes and the vein-glands
that pump and thump somewhere.

I am dreamer of realities not some sinking swam of no return.▬

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