Gustavo Arellano: ¡ASK A MEXICAN! Special Mexicans are Racist Edición

“The Irish were the Mexicans of the United States before the Mexicans. Millions of them migrated to this country destitute, as indentured servants (the precursor to the bracero program) and even as illegal immigrants. They were fleeing a homeland under siege by evil Protestants only to find similar treatment in the States. Gabachos here maligned the Irish for their Catholicism, their funny English, their big families and constant state of inebriation–stereotypes popularized by the mainstream press. The Irish fought back: they formed gangs and voting blocs and–in the case of the Saint Patrick’s Battalion–an entire battalion of hundreds of soldiers defected to the Mexican side during the 1846 Mexican-American War.

I think it is important to understand that racial and culture identities are not so usually easy to understand let alone integrate. You think about Republicans in US who are Irish and think at times if they forgot their struggles or even penny-pinching Democrats. In my country a lot if people forget their origins quickly and love the idea of amassing power.


Gustavo Arellano: ¡ASK A MEXICAN! Special Mexicans are Racist Edición.

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