If John Mauchly was a superhero …

Special Collections Cataloging at Penn

… he would have been called DATAMAN! What he did with data (collecting, creating, analyzing, and saving) certainly required skills that are beyond the typical human.  To provide a little background, Mauchly was the co-inventer of the first computer, ENIAC, which was developed here at the University of Pennsylvania’s Moore School of Engineering in 1946.  His co-inventor, J. Prosper Eckert, and he continued to work together on other computer related projects, including the first commercial computer, the EDVAC.

When I started working on this massive collection (approximately 500 linear feet of material), I was baffled by the sheer volume and types of data that Mauchly collected and saved.  But as I get to know Mauchly, I understand, more and more, why he was such a data pack-rat!  It is just how his brain worked and how he learned — and it how his brain ALWAYS worked and how he ALWAYS

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