Ignored Discrimination

“10% of the world’s population struggles with this disadvantage. We are the true minority. I can attest to the painful experiences of living with this misunderstood social handicap. I’ve endured the pain of using scissors, the embarrassment of pencil smudges on the side of my left hand, the frustration of zipping a jacket, the tears caused by can openers, the anger of the mouse always being on the wrong side of the keyboard, the hopelessness of winding up a wristwatch.”

On Writing and Self-Loathing

Discrimination is a universal problem. It continues to be a hot issue in this so-called modern world. Women, experience injustice, as do differing ethnicities, religious affiliations, sexual orientation, et cetera. Hatred is rampant in this alleged enlightened era. There is, however, a global prejudice seldom acknowledged.


Recently, while sitting in a waiting room, I watched a three-year-old child scribble left-handed onto a coloring book. The mother reached out, stopped the youth’s coloring, and put the crayon in the child’s right hand. The mother turned to the old lady sitting next to her, and said, “I’m training her to be right-handed.” Sad. Children are forced to conform to normal society. They are oppressed, denied basic human rights.

Forcing a child to be right-handed stunts their mental growth and creativity. Would Barrack Obama be the first black president if his parents had forced him to be right-handed? Would Joel Hodgson have…

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