for the shores of life, against principles of death

Israel proposes contradictions not reality. Here Efadul Huq shows the ruthlessness of Israel apologists who blame Hamas for everything as though Hamas was this deity or Cerberus and that they have to kill it not noticing that by protecting their crimes they are deifying themselves. By not listening to citizens around the world and by condemning Palestinians as non-people they are subject to every definition of god complex a DSM and beyond can contain. Also, to say that morality should not be used or even make ethical questions about what you are doing and who are killing is a carte banche nihilism and is the very fractured center of the war machine republic that the world has become today. Israel is a war machine.

Etches of Ink and Light

Quote Excerpt from Schwartz’ article

Yishai Schwartz, in a recent New Republic article, gives us a case study of “moral accounting” conducted in the voice of the father. Scwartz justifies Israel’s assault by proposing that “ceasefires have been offered” and the massacre comes after “days of restraint, warnings, and pleas”. He argues, “Israel only targets combatants” but civilians get in the way, though Israel warns through “personalised phone calls” before striking their houses. At the summit of this “moral accounting” Schwartz fashions for himself, like an Abraham!, a paradox of morality: “morality demands that Israel fight this war, but allows no way to fight it morally.”

As “a way out of this paradox”, Schwartz proposes a principle: “civilians cannot be used to make just wars impossible and morality will not be used as a tool to disarm.” In other words, the death of innocents is no reason to stop killing…

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