We Asked One Woman (Me) Why Birth Control Is Great And Here Was Her Answer

I am not in any spectrum in pro-life or pro-choice but what I understand by some of these messages is sexism. Pure, unadulterated sexism; so impregnated into society that women must refrain and men must indulge this Manicheanistic weirdness is going off scale. I do not completely disagree with these women. I respect their choices but pregnancy is a joint venture and I think that it is cardinal to understand that chastity and birth control politics are hardly focused on men. If a woman gets pregnant she gets it on with a dude in many cases and the dude needs to be responsible. The man needs birth control too for his sperm is part of the birthing fusion but it is so obvious that men are told not to think of pregnancy as a male thing. It is akin to menstruation that is what they are taught mostly. But it is not. Menstruation happens independently out of fertilization thus independent of the sperm birth requires both sperm and ovum. Thus why are chastity politics so focused on women and not men? I am utterly disgusted by the sexism politics regarding pregnancy and the need to censor both female and male sexuality in disparate ways to weave a conditioning in a consumer oriented world. Responsible parenting for both sexes is noble not consumer oriented but propagandist sex is usually related to consumer politics. Promiscuity can be consumer oriented and deeply shattering to both sexes but it feeds a demand to the corporate machine and ugly product machine.

The Belle Jar

So today Buzzfeed published a post with the title “We Asked 24 Women Why They Don’t Use Birth Control And These Are Their Answers.” And like, first off, where do they find these women? Are they living under a rock in Arizona where they don’t actually know what Buzzfeed is and don’t understand that their images will be fodder for a million internet feminists/misogynists/what-have-you looking for easy prey? Or are they so secure in their beliefs that they actually just don’t give a fuck? Are they hoping they’ll convince other women to join their YAY BABIES BOO BIRTH CONTROL tribe? I mean, I sincerely hope it’s the latter, but I don’t know. Some days I just don’t know.

Also why are so many of them standing in front of the same white brick wall? Did Buzzfeed recruit them off the street and then take them to the same weird…

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