Dismantling the Fiction of “Black Criminality”

It is safe to say, and I have anecdotal evidence also empirically tested by many journalists, that the look of Palestinians as “Arabs” and “terrorists” is a racial thing. One who is lesser White or Black or Hispanic or South Asian etcetera can easily been decoded into the politics of persecution with the adamant portrayal of them with propagandist mediums that they are lesser thus they act so violently. Xavier O’Brien talks about the racial prejudices still alive when people esspouse race, any race who is non-dominant in social discourse and mostly non-White, as with the innate instinct to be violent and or stubborn and unable to feel empathy for fellow man. These racist depictions are so prevalent in the so-called modern world that they are globalized to such an extent that people define each group categorically on their ability to implement randomized acts of violence. That is the pinnacle of segregation politics.

Xavier's Blog

Black criminalityAmong the many unavoidable facts that have bubbled to the surface since the murder of Mike Brown at the hands of St. Louis police is the deep racial character of the killing and the equally racial character of the police response to the popular protests that followed it. This uncontroversial fact can be perceived in the abundance of media reports exploring the dimensions of Black life in America. One of the more glaring additions to this national discussion occurred on the popular Sunday morning political program Meet the Press. Hosting a round-table on the topic of the “Racial Divide in America,” Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal remarked that we shouldn’t “pretend that our morgues and cemeteries are full of young Black men because cops are shooting them.” Rather, Riley argued, “the reality is that it’s because other Black people are shooting them and we need to talk about…

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