The New York Times called Michael Brown “no angel.” Here’s how it described serial killers. – Vox

The New York Times called Michael Brown “no angel.” Here’s how it described serial killers. – Vox.

Sean McElwee on twiiter posted some really illuminating information about the way Michael Brown is portrayed and how really notoriously, disgusting criminals of White descent and predatory nature are described.

Readers, I had to take a second take on reading Ted Bundy’s one because he was addressed by full name and given almost a crying finish compiling his statement as though it was some philosophical treatise on some aberrant machination in his country’s governance.

The same tone was given to Glacy’s crime though he was a predecessor to Dahmer and tortured males (his crimes are a bit censored too compared to Bundy’s criminal depictions thus also a relation of gender and sex are put into the picture).

I do not understand why people need to typify race and crime. Is not crime a universal degree of absolute depravity or agreement on ethical jurisprudence? What makes race, nationality and crime so different? — I do understand that class also comes into crime. I have heard accounts of stratified echelon in my country and also gender figures into it as well. The crimes on the “poor” are only related if there is much disservice to the domestic labour force as full or part time maids/servants are given a brunt of the bad side by their employers.

Nowhere is it mentioned that some servants are also guilty of coercion or theft and abuse. But that why that may happen because you live in a hegemonic and hierarchical stratified community so obviously many other “higher” top brass people may also run this.

Nor is there much mention of abuses countless by both domestic and international parties on garment workers. You may have features and specials but the daily living of these dispossessed people have a high effect on them. Garment workers are also abused by many First World or Second World agencies.

When did crime and justice for crimes become so socio-politically barricaded and retarded? Have we only awakened to the mechanization of the human soul?

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