For those people who read The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon

# Remember when Oedipa decides to visit Professor Nefastis and then she fails the test and how Nefastis tell her that they can have sex but she runs away obviously perturbed by the scene and suggestion…that was a very sensitive (in a positive way)  thing to do. Doesn’t that make Maxwell’s Demon kind of inaccurate in its defining arc of sesitivity or sensitives?

# Due to Dr. Hilarius’s sordid past doesn’t it mean that he is more nefarious than hilarious? If Nefastis comes from nefarious and Faustus but he is more hilarious do you see the swapped binaries in these two people?

# Oedipa definitely comes from the word Oedipus. Yet is her oedipal complex to Inverarity or to someone+something else? After Oedipus blinds his eyes he still faces the tragedy of Antigone. Oedipa is more alert than Oedipus and is Antigone the crying of lot 49?

#  Pierce Inverarity’s name sounds like Inverse=-rarity. And he does do impressions. Could it be that Pierce’s real identity is lot 49 because he acted so well?

# What if in some sci-fi twist the people from Courier’s tragedy saw the crying of lot 49 as a play or that Angelo is actually Oedipa’s real type love or some stuff?

# What if Mike Fallopian is a transgendered man or a hermaphrodite? What if his revolutionary tactic is to acquire Lot 49?

# What if Slothrop and Benny Profane meet Oedipa? — which one would she reject first?

# What if Oedipa was supposed to be head after Pierce of Tristero and all of this was a test? What if Oedipa rejects the leadership and decides to just do something unrelated to all of this and de-oedipus herself. I wonder what Oedipa would do after all of this was dealt away with.

# What is Oedipa’s real, unmarried name?

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