My Ex Sent My Nude Pictures to My Coworkers

“He has a point,” the investigator said. “If you didn’t want everyone to see them, you shouldn’t have taken them in the first place.”

Aussa Lorens brutally retells how her ex a blabbing psychopath tried to humiliate her by sending her intimate photos she actually only took for him. And that is what her human resources told he. The man made it all HER FAULT.

Maybe, you can be a bit more sensitive. Guys do nude pics and do worst crap all the time. They even take photos showing off their muscles flaunting a flamboyant sexuality and here she took photos that were only meant for a boyfriend and he breaks that trust and that is her fault?

If you are trying to get back at an ex, man or woman, by posting pictures of them naked. Fuck You. You are as much involved as they are and that means you are baring yourself as much. You wanted that attention given to you by them by asking them to send nude photos and be all that. That says a lot about what a pervert you can be if you do that to your ex by being a deceitful human being and posting them :/

via My Ex Sent My Nude Pictures to My Coworkers.

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