Religious Russia vs. Atheist America?

Some of the sentiments in this reblog is not meant to maim or hurt anyone. I do think that demiocracy is actually quite many a times used as a clever way to make people lose their choices as majorities are not always right and then they do unconsciously set up an oligarchic community instead. What I liked about this article is that I like if people are allowed to leartn about religion not as a force of unrest but its greater goods as well. Many people will say a lot of things that religion is negative but then is it religion or its misuse and misquotations that does the damage? Also religious history has many pitfalls because people have made gulfs in knowledge. Many people also think that major religions are chauvinistic or even emasculating (a term I think is unisex as it can also be used for females) but I think cultural or even human biases societal nuances make religion seem twisted. I think erven secularism has failed to rid this bias. In Secularism many people are also chauvinstic, man-hating misandrists who claim feminism without much feminism knowledge and are also unfair. I think people should learn and have an acceptance to learn and also dismantle the prejudices set up by others because even religions (such as Islam) can be iconoclastic (in a positive way) and idiosyncratic.

Seth Adam Smith

Red Square

In 2008, I was teaching English in Moscow, Russia. After one of my classes, a middle-aged Russian woman lingered behind and we started talking about some of the differences between Russia and America.

Quite unexpectedly, she asked me my opinion as to why America was so wealthy and successful. I was caught off guard by her question and I mumbled some bumper-sticker sentiments about “hard work” and “freedom.”

“I think it’s religion,” she said simply.

Truthfully, I was shocked that she said that (after all, we were in a Russian school building). I furrowed my brow and asked her what she meant.

“Look at all those countries,” she said, gesturing to the large map behind me. “The most successful countries are the countries that practice religion. Especially,” she added, thoughtfully. “The Protestant religions.”

After another half hour or so, we finished our conversation and left the building. But in the years since then, I have…

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