What I am doing?

I think maybe to many my blog is confusing. It is not a chronology of memoirs; nor is it an intellectual repertoire on things, nor is it a well-written non-fiction blog or a fiction/poetry blog. I am pretty sure that one must be wanting to know why do I blog because I am not sure as in not fixed on a subject matter. I mean most prolific, most famous blogs are always “genre” or rather “subject” oriented — even if it is trolling (a subject in a way) the most prestigious blogs are all about that. I am not insincere about the blog as it mixed medium, buffet blog that is a mixology of many mixes and stuff. I do prioritize on show reviews or opinions on another blog knowing that not everybody would love knowing which anime needs a gear repair or what new show is what.

Yet this blog is all the weird discontinuous-continuity, mixed platter of sum and something is me. I am not someone so aimless but I guess I go through extremes, middles and ambivalence all the time. And I am happy I guess. Though I do not if that discourages anyone from reading my blog or make them think it’s not for them.

For my readers and non-readers what do you think I am doing? Feel free to tell me 🙂

2 thoughts on “What I am doing?

  1. I think you are doing a lot of things, some of which that sticks with me, some that doesn’t. It’s a surprise every time. In that sense, this is a blog of “discontinuous-continuity”. 🙂

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