Where does inspiration come from? – LEFT ON SHING WONG – YouTube

Sometimes you see talent. Real raw talent that is both incandescently inspiring and also very intelligent in both evoking feelings and intricately designed. Wong Fu productions is way out of the classic YouTube league — instead of regular parody sketches or comic relief (which I do enjoy by the way) their stories have wholesome comedies but also really good stories written and direction to a perfection only they can achieve as it emits their originality.

Wesley Chan of the Wong Fu team is one of my favourite writers. Though most of Wong Fu videos are in English some are in Cantonese and Mandarin.

The piece below is a beautiful serving of Magic Realism by Wesley Chan. A spirit that collects thoughts of people, as it realizes the human essence of “stream of consciousness”, suddenly gets spotted by a person collecting those beautiful pearls that is our mind fragments. She says to him that these are also the building blocks of inspiration and so she eagerly awaits their birth.

What brings you inspiration? Have you ever seen and been amazed by the valuable and various forms of raw talent?

Where does inspiration come from? – LEFT ON SHING WONG – YouTube.

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