Most Artists Who Make A Living From Their Work Are White, Research Says


This was an interesting piece by Huffington Post.

The study, titled “Artists Report Back,” analyzed data for over 1.4 million working artists* (as well as a group of 2 million art school graduates) across the United States using the Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey (ACS). The results show that nearly four out of five working artists are white. That leaves 7.5% of working artists identifying as black, 3.9% as Asian and 8.3% Hispanic.

I remember watching the film Finding Forrester and I remember how the protagonist Jamal Wallace, an African American student, found it so difficult to be in a private academy. He had all the literary knowledge and even basketball skills but because he was Black and poor he was given a beatdown by many people.

Just last year, The Guardian reported that every artist in the top 100 auction sales of2012 was a man. “Work by women artists makes up only 3% to 5% of major permanent collections in the US and Europe,” Judy Chicago proclaimed in another article. Mega-gallerist Larry Gagosian stuck the knife in deeper in 2013 when he staged a massive contemporary show and included only one woman — Kim Gordon.

I hardly read work by women that is considered literary or well not a bestseller. Women also are not given credit for writing stuff out of norm. We only need to look at Doris Lessing or Toni Morrison who are still somewhat overshadowed by male artists.



Most Artists Who Make A Living From Their Work Are White, Research Says.

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