The Work Of Outsider Artist Judith Scott Sheds Beautiful Light On Living With Disabilities

Institutionalized for more than three decades and largely deaf and mute, Judith Scott found her voice through art, forming intricate sculptures of yarn, fabric and other fibers tightly wrapped around an array of found objects.

“Her work had nothing to do with art therapy,” said Frank Maresca, whose Chelsea gallery champions self-taught artists. “She was born with a gift of creativity” that’s about form, color and process — “all the things that contemporary and modern artists are about.”

Scott was single-minded about her work. As soon as she finished a piece she pushed it away to signal she was done and immediately moved on to her next project. Found or salvaged objects, everything from fans to shopping carts, gave shape to her wrapping and weaving technique.


Important observations about Judith Scott’s innovative and beautiful artwork. There is a think line at times between condescension and praise. People who  differ than us will not always be the opposite of us. An artist is an artist no matter which caste, creed, religion, sex, race, etcetera s/he comes from. People forget that each artist will have an individual apparatus and most will bring creative and unique bread and butter, rice and lentil, fish and soup, going on to the plate.

Judith is a warrior-artist and her so called disabilities don’t matter what matters is she as a person 🙂

via The Work Of Outsider Artist Judith Scott Sheds Beautiful Light On Living With Disabilities.

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