Month: November 2014

it is as if the bones…

Originally posted on Etches of Ink and Light:
it is as if the bones in my body are changing i am restless i want to act on this world so that we can live again or, finally at times i want to step back…

On Ferguson – The System Isn’t Broken, It Was Built This Way

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:
I have an uncle who was a cop. His kids, my cousins, were around my age and when we visited our family in Québec every summer I practically lived at their house. As soon as we got to…

Turn off, plug out, drop in

Originally posted on Road Essays :
A hotel owner friend of mine is frustrated. “If I see one more person sitting on the terrace with their eyes glued to their bloody iPhone instead of our amazing view, I’ll throw their iPhone off the terrace.” She’s…

In Defense of John Green’s Critics: Why Ignoring Minorities is Actually Pretty Lazy – Isis Magazine

I actually saw John Green as a blogger before he made the sweet romantic flick of a book. The reason I am talking here is that John Green at times as a person is pretty misinformed and has a hegemonic way of talking though…

The Canadian Rockies, Day 3: Moraine Lake, Saddleback Pass & Takakkaw Falls

Originally posted on Lightscapes Nature Photography Blog:
In the aftermath of a disappointing day at Lake O’Hara, I had hopes for better luck on Day 3.  My plan was to shoot sunrise at Moraine Lake, about a 20-25 minute drive from where I was…

Colors of Afghanistan

“God must have loved Afghans because he made them so beautiful.” – Unknown

What Happens When You Go Viral: On Wanting to Give Up

Originally posted on Such Small Hands:
I recently found out that the hit count on my Relevant article back in June was over 1.6 million. The editor told me it was the second-biggest traffic day in the history of their website. That’s mind-boggling to…

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