second person

The second person detailed in a creative fiction 🙂

girl in the hat

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In a writing class recently, we experimented with first and second person.  Why not third? I don’t know, since it’s my favorite.  To me, first person is sometimes too personal, and second is just too presumptuous, but third lets me hide behind the scenes yelling stuff and throwing water balloons.  Still, it was a fun exercise, and I must admit that although it felt wrong, that second person pulled something out of me that I didn’t know was there.

instructions: write about something you love in first person

There’s something about the sound a train makes that moves me. It makes precisely the noise I’d like to make to explain that feeling. It’s an animal noise, a cat in heat, a lonesome howl, the squee of a hawk from the clouds.

I’m having an argument with my husband and the train cries in the distance. I’m bent over pulling weeds…

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