‘The River Wild’ Twenty Years Later: Uncovering Gail’s Rafting Journal – The Wire

I always wanted to read Francis Dolerhyde’s journal in Red Dragon 2002 movie. I found these snip-bits very interesting in any medium. They kind of detail many aspects of a character and even other people involved in a work.

This is the same for Harry Potter series and we already had an exquisite taste of how in Lord of the Rings the orcs armour even have lineage history and miniature details in them showing how involved those people were and passionate about the book 🙂 Though I wonder if all the gold in The Hobbit that Smaug had also had some imprints and those jewels all had petit-histoire as this as well 🙂

I think we humans are born with lots, loads, tankards of passion (Emily Dickinson once wrote about tasting some in goblets 🙂 ) that we can miraculously put into infinitesimal spaces, veins and tiny veinlets of our beings: corporeally, temporally but also spiritually and well transcendentally.

If we invest this passion on our day-to-day lives and even on peace treaties and some philanthropic causes and also equally distribute technologies, goods, food and provisions accordingly with respect to all people’s respective amounts and wishes we can gain a global equilibrium of sorts 🙂 For what is not the artistic at times but an imaginary cartography to a reality that can harmony the individual and the collective? 😀

Personally, I think because God also created us, if not wholly, but a lot with Her passion as well. Humans are flawed creatures enabling disease and selfishness compared to the ideal/idyllic of Angels but we are also creative and capable of restrain and love so I think it takes a lot of passion to love so Thankfully God Has That 😀

Well, The River Wild was an action film starring Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon and after 20 years they decided why not exhume the journey entries of the character Gail.

‘The River Wild’ Twenty Years Later: Uncovering Gail’s Rafting Journal – The Wire.

3 thoughts on “‘The River Wild’ Twenty Years Later: Uncovering Gail’s Rafting Journal – The Wire

  1. hey noch.. do you still remember me?. mika from Badsoul guild. xD.. well, i just want to ask if you have an fb account. add me up if you do, we got joel in list too. Hyperbolic.

    been reading your blogs since then. lol.

    anyway.. ciao

    • Oh my God you been reading my blog since then well, tell me what ya think so far pal. Well take my email from Hyper I hardly use gmail bro 😀 of course I remember you guys and I am so honoured and humbled that you guys remember me 🙂

  2. of course who could have forget you, when you always flood my emails lol. but thats not it. i’ve been thinking this along time but i failed cause of so many stuff to give attention too.

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