some wishes

When you read this you get the author’s subjectivity and also a social minutiae, not absolvable yet kinda on track 🙂

Etches of Ink and Light

*some differences nobody would hold on to if they were not instrumentalized to exploit, marginalize, silence, and oppress bodies in power’s peripheries. these differences are now the craze because they can be re-instrumentalized to beat, slap, spit at the globe’s masters. i want us to shed shed shed these tools and abandon the master’s toolbox in the corner of an attic.

*some arguments nobody would get shipwrecked with if dialogues were endless digressions with no destination. statements would gather leaves, make a branch of themselves in their own rhythm, and intertwine with another, staying intimately separate, if dialogues were not about outcompeting to reach the best solution, if dialogues were about visioning many futures. i want us to abandon abandon abandon the search for a best that never arrives for the experience of the worth-a-while, the splashing and rolling of our voices on rocks.

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