In Defense of John Green’s Critics: Why Ignoring Minorities is Actually Pretty Lazy – Isis Magazine

I actually saw John Green as a blogger before he made the sweet romantic flick of a book. The reason I am talking here is that John Green at times as a person is pretty misinformed and has a hegemonic way of talking though maybe he doesn’t mean it. For example, I am Bangladeshi, I am actually from Bangladesh, and in 2009 there was a very horrible incident in Dhaka the capital city where the Border Police a subset under the army took a mutiny in cantonment and guess what I lived nearby the area. Green juxtaposed this with a Kansas gas leak that blew up 3 buildings that affected no one in particular. I am sorry if there were property or valuables’ damage but what he said with ignorance (I did re-watch the video) was that it was a “incompetent” mutiny and that it contributes nothing new to “fragile government”. Having such mainstream, Occidental/Oriental imperialism view on Bangladesh is pretty stupid.

What happened in Dhaka was scary and it was kinda unprecedented. People were told to evacuate from a 2 mile like radius because the army bought out anti-aircraft cannons to fire if necessary if the then BDR did not give up hostages and stop their killing. And this to Green was, at that time of immediate panic not even old news, “incompetent”.

From living in a privileged space and talking from a privileged position I don’t think he has a right to say something without proper research. Also, I think in USA, Japan, France and UK you can be a mainstream writer with little effort. I am not saying he is a bad writer because I haven’t read much his work but I do know that him saying a crisis that made people die mutilated deaths and had army personnel raped “incompetent” mutiny is pretty cold and very rude especially when it was still 2009 and it was still during the time of crisis.

In Defense of John Green’s Critics: Why Ignoring Minorities is Actually Pretty Lazy – Isis Magazine.

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