That old sweater | Om Malik

Beauty in nostalgia, vintage  and anachronistic fleshy longing:

I have quite a few of them: V-necks (but no crewnecks), zipped sweaters, quarter-zips and cardigans. I love nothing more than a basic white shirt layered under a nice, colorful sweater. Salmon, pink, lavender, aqua — they are perfect antidote to the gray skies and gloomy winter. But my favorite is this old cardigan — I have owned it for as long as I have lived in this country. There are a couple of holes in the arm. The shawl collar is showing its age, much like an old man who has patronized a bar too long. And like that quiet patron in the corner, I can’t exactly tell you its age. It is not cashmere. It isn’t scratchy either. The buttons are still original, though once or twice I have to sew them again.


That old sweater | Om Malik.

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