techniques of resisting knowledge

Etches of Ink and Light

Ignorance is not a blank slate on which one can write-in knowledge. Ignorance is an organic state of being that, through various strategies and manoeuvres, evades and resists knowledge. It then becomes important to understand these technologies that ignorance employs to fight its growth and fortification, and in the process, make knowledge organically grow out of ignorance’s muck.

During my one year as a high school teaching assistant, i observed and toyed with one such technique of resistance to knowledge.

Students would often come into class with a pre-fabricated workflow of how each session would run. Something along the line of: student comes to class, i explain a topic, he refuses to pay attention, i cajole him to pay attention, he gives in a little bit. When it comes to classwork, he slows down, i urge him, he refuses, i cajole him with games, jokes etc., he does a little…

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