Month: February 2015

The Keurig, the Chemex, and Dietary Gnosticism

Originally posted on The Salt:
There’s no way that anyone could be that happy while drinking instant coffee. ? Over this past holiday season, I found myself in the coffee-machine sections of several retailers, in search of an espresso maker to give my mom. None…

Go Down the Rabbit Hole: A Writer’s Manifesto

Originally posted on Writing for Digital Media:
1. You are the work. The work is you: both an articulation of the self and a possibility for self-reflection. Be honest in creation: allow yourself to bleed into the work, but also allow it to work…

Best Worst Year: Episode 83 (Or, Heal)

Originally posted on Sundog Blog:
By Jim Warner You read a poor Tagalog translation of handwritten prayers on your mother’s dresser. Your cousin has mistaken aswang for multo. Even you–whose native tongue died in his mouth years ago–knows the difference. Aswang is an evil…

Truth is I Love the Church: An Anonymous Letter

Originally posted on Simul Blog:
A friend of Simul Blog asked us to publish this. We were glad to provide a public platform for these thoughts and concerns. ———— Dear Preacher, This is one of the hardest letters I’ve ever had to write. These are hard things…

2014 in Review

Originally posted on (CAT)HERINE:
 For all Facebook is good, great, and even exceptional at (namely turning 1.23 billion average joes into classified stalkers), the social media giant falls short when it comes to candid moments. This I realized when I tried out its…

Why I’m single

poem for Jack

Originally posted on Shawn L. Bird:
This poem was sent to me by my father-in-law, following the notice about Dusty’s euthanasia today.  It’s so lovely I thought I’d share it with you.  The author, Christopher Tatchell Winter, was my husbands 2X great grandfather.  I…

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