Of Knowing Me, Knowing You

Pretty happy someone realises that social media does not invent “us” but it is “us” who invents social media thus it is important to face on know someone as Of Opinions has spoken and not be so resilient in thinking that the only dogma/foundation to them is Facebook, Twitter and the occasional Tumblr.

Of Opinions

According to a recent study, Facebook knows you better than the people in your life, including long term friends, partners and family. This study only cements something we’ve all subliminally expected, and created, ourselves. I would even say that the study is long overdue, its results dated. So, social media knows me better than my mother. What else is new?

There isn’t anything abnormal in this, and that is why it is dated. No one questions the (in)decency of a recruiting company checking up on your Facebook profile before hiring or even meeting you. It isn’t creepy if someone chats you up by saying they’ve read your profile and found you interesting. That’s what it is for, isn’t it? An all-purpose advertisement, something that tells you who this person is, was and would like to be. For example, if someone read any of my social media profiles, they wouldn’t…

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