Of Being Realistic

“There is the frustrated person in your circle of people, of course, who is constantly unhappy with their state of affairs. I, no doubt, am the one in my circles. But, what I sincerely struggle against is being that other person whose soul is dead. Who sniggers at a child for dreaming big. Who passes snide remarks if a young woman takes care of herself. Who derives the greatest pleasure in a day from rejoicing in the misfortune of others and criticizing their good. There are too many of them, and I’d rather be physically dead than be that.”

Of Opinions

Dylan Moran Dylan Moran

People will kill you. Over time. They will shave out every last morsel of fun in you with little, harmless sounding phrases that people use everyday like, “be realistic”. – Dylan Moran

What is obvious about being realistic is that it is not the same as doing what is practical or possible. In fact, because we use these three words interchangeably, we’ve given practicality and possibility a bad name. The meaning of being realistic is pretty simple; only believe what is right in front of you. But, human civilization was made on thought, and thought is conceived through imagination. Imagination is, just as simply, predicated on what could be. It is raised on possibility, or possibilities. Even in situations deliberately illogical, it still looks for some sort of design, structure. If humanity was only limited on the predilection of being real, we would have missed out on…

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