2014 in Review


 For all Facebook is good, great, and even exceptional at (namely turning 1.23 billion average joes into classified stalkers), the social media giant falls short when it comes to candid moments. This I realized when I tried out its latest “2014 in Review.” It’s great idea for the few users who actually post regularly rather than simply hit refresh during a slow day at work, but for normal people like myself? There’s was a lot of 2014 missing, for one thing, and many random moments I would hardly even consider a “moment,” much less one that defined my year. I guess that’s why studies show that my generation is leaving Facebook for Snapchat by the masses.

Here’s the thing, though: the very thrill of snapping your friends, i.e., Snapchat’s self-destructiveness, may be able to capture quick moments, but it’s no good if you have a mother who needs copies of all…

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