Truth is I Love the Church: An Anonymous Letter

This was extremely moving to me. I am extremely touched. Whoever you are I hope Allah Almighty (God) gives you true, perfect peace. I hope you find answers, I hope you find the perfect questions to ask and I hope that God liberates you. I hope that you gain an insurmountable amount of respect so vast as cosmic nebulas that Satan will think twice or ten times before coming near you. I don’t want your struggle to feel alone. I will admit it so that you can hear it too. I am a sinner. I am flawed. I am a sinner but I want Allah Almighty to still love me and forgive me. I want that God hears both of us and embraces us with Love.

Simul Blog

A friend of Simul Blog asked us to publish this. We were glad to provide a public platform for these thoughts and concerns.


Dear Preacher,

This is one of the hardest letters I’ve ever had to write. These are hard things for me to say, but I know that they are devastating for you to hear. I know because I’ve watched you unravel when we had this conversation face to face.

Then you asked, “So what is it that you aren’t hearing from me that you need to hear?”

I answered honestly from a place of brokenness, “I need to hear how the life of Jesus speaks into my failures. I need you to preach the gospel to me.” I sat with tear filled eyes and watched you come undone as the words left my lips. The confusion on your face. You didn’t understand. This letter is an attempt to explain myself.

I’ve sat under the…

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