Month: April 2015


learning about the syntax, the basic units of affection pitch perfect  from the beginning of beginnings you are one of my root languages we adhere to a shared topography learning about shadows and silhouettes from you the inner light they radiate; the aura of…


Mari said it; we both lost our Fathers and sh wrote a great poem explaining how it feels…

Expect ‘Strong Women’ in Future Star Wars Films

Originally posted on TIME:
For decades, little girls who wanted to pretend to be Star Wars characters were left with only two options, one per trilogy: Leia or Padmé. Though both were relatively strong female characters, they certainly didn’t wield the power of Jedis.…

Guest Post – Dear Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Autism Is Not A Catastrophe

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:
Guest post by Allison Garber Dear Robert F. Kennedy Jr: I’ll start by thanking you for your apology for comparing Autism to the Holocaust. That was good of you, since likening my child’s existence to one of the…

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