Month: October 2015

confessions (ii)

Today I wanted to shake hands with a girl in a lecture. She seems uncomfortable and uninterested; she had bright red hair, coloured as a cherry. She spoke on Jeanette Winterson. On gender. And I didn’t impress her. I was just there. I was…


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Moving on or going back? Where you came from To me, means you mainly traveled? With a breakup or a breakdown? I suppose . . Your journals, moist from winter? And in your writing I find this A…


I call it feeling miserable; mouthing an adventure as well two feelings contradictorily present….on the high of depression, on the highs of curiosities I am a curiosity for myself….a marvelling disdain; a sequestered quiet. ≈

confession (i)

I didn’t know that studying abroad would be a lonely experience. I am just into the experience so I am not sure how the entire experience will be; yet. And I notice people have more boundaries than me. There are a lot of cool…


Leave it to poet Mari to start with squirrels and go to lucidity – a mix of what someone like Ezra pound or Poe would do then migrating to something Updike would do or Barrett Browning or Anne Sexton – but saying this is…

Time Out, 2

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Charlotte, how could you?!

My Top Fifteen Autobiographical Albums – Finale

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Today, I bring you the third and final part of my top fifteen autobiographical albums. Part one can be found by clicking here, part two by clicking here. 11. Rangeela by A.R. Rahman. I am sure some of you…

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