To have someone as talented as Mari Sanchez Cayuso dedicate a poem to you that captures your being in the now. By Allah Almighty you feel Blessed and you feel wow how can someone know this so well. I am also teary eyed. Thank you Mari. May Allah Almighty (God) always make you happy 🙂

Arrows & Metaphors

Moving on or going back

Where you came from

To me, means you mainly traveled

With a breakup or a breakdown

I suppose . .

Your journals, moist from winter

And in your writing I find this

A proccesional of moving lights

Father waited for me in gray England

Separating bellbirds from panic

I write back, a little more bent

Than the trees in your backyard

Sir, Change is going faster

Half sea – Half land

Give me your hand

If you trust the fertility

Above your nailbed

Watch your daughter sit

Behind the limestone

With buckles on her shoes

Seeing how “the picturesque”

Outlives its meaning

Outlives, you and me

Aqila, may you find comfort in these words; I think of your grief and only hope time is making it somewhat a little better. When you love like this it is very hard to separate dreams from reality.


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