Choose A Worthy Opponent

“Well, I don’t define focusing on yourself to keep your sanity intact as a selfish act. But if you told me that making someone your slave is you focusing on your well-being, then that is not what I meant. Be emotionally independent, breath, learn to be in love with who you are, be in the moment, be silent but loud as you let your aura speak. And if you did right by your soul, you will come to a point where giving someone the right to decide to love you or not, be with you or not, affect you or not… will be the most liberating act of selflessness towards yourself.”

Some of the most liberating words I have ever read 🙂 and some of the best I have read in WordPress

Chronicles of Imperfectly Perfect

What I find interesting is when you have a physical injury, people don’t find it very difficult to say, “Nah man, you don’t have bruises on your face and arms… It’s all in your head.” Obviously because, physical abuse is fairly easy to prove versus emotional and psychological abuse. In cases of emotional and psychologically abused individual some common comments one is likely to hear are:

“It’s all in your head.” ” You’re a rebel.” “You’ve changed!”

Why can’t you be happy? May be you are choosing to be this way!” Many of those who comment at your behavior with certainty are those that believe they have no role to play in how you feel or who you have transitioned into. Probably because it’s easy to think that you woke up one day and chose to become an asshole (figuratively not literally … obviously) instead of…

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